Cheating Tricks Play Casino Dragon Tiger Online


Online Casino Dragon Tiger is a card gambling game that uses playing cards. In China, the game dragon tiger is better known as Leng Ho (Dragon Tiger). This card gambling game is quite popular in China and with the changing digital era that is so fast and advanced, until now almost all fans of online casino gambling sites already know about the game Dragon Tiger casino online.

Well, the admin will add to you with one note, for example you have a capital of 2 million rupiah, start playing with multiples of 50 thousand. Point especially, after you get a table at the playground, do not immediately place a bet. Re-analyze the game first. Usually the online poker game tiger tiger is relatively relative and often produces the same results repeatedly. For example, the first dragon came out, so the dragon could also come out up to 5 times.


Well here the benefits are because often issued the same relative results over and over again, you just need to wait. For example in the first, second, and third rounds remove the dragon, then use your bet on the tiger in the fourth round because your winning percentage has become 75% because the dragon has come out with the amount of 3 times.


If in the fourth round it still remains a dragon, so fold your bet to 100 thousand in the fifth round. If in the seventh round still still remove the dragon, so fold your bet once again on the tiger in the seventh round to 200 thousand.


After the result is a tiger, so look at your credit. So you have won 50 thousand rupiah. And start waiting again until the results are dragon or tiger and issue the same results with the number 3 or 4 times.


You only need to wait and regulate your emotions here. Remember, wait until the Poker Online cards come out on the same result 3 or 4 times, then you can start betting multiples in the opposite place.


How interesting is not it? So from now on take advantage of this multiple because surveys from various countries have shown if the percentage of winning gambling with a multiple formula is 100%.